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Handpoke tattooing is the origin of contemporary tattoo culture. Tatau is the polynesian root of the english word “tattoo”. Tatau means “to connect”, as tattooing by hand is an ancient practice to connect the cosmic Soul more deeply with the human Self.

This is done by releasing past trauma from the cells of the physical body and cleansing the frequency of the electromagnetic field during the Tatau Ritual. This happens with the assistance from beings of the Otherworld.

During a handpoke tattoo ritual, a tattoo needle without machine power gets poked through the first layer of skin and places the color pigments in the second layer of the skin, the so-called “leather skin”. This procedure varies from the regular tattooing technique as far as it feels way less intrusive and doesn’t affect the skin as much, but takes a lot more time.

One really experiences the process of tattooing on all levels of being.

From the beginning of my tattooing career in 2008, I worked “only” in this way. After fifteen years of experience in handpoke tattooing, the time has come to pass on everything I’ve learnt about this ancient practice, because new fields of work are calling for me.

The How To Handpoke Tatau Workshop takes place on a weekend, i.e. Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m in Sarnen, Switzerland.

You will learn everything you need to know to ink lines and dots by hand, including which materials can be ordered where, the metaphysical meaning of the individual parts of the body and everything important about hygiene and anatomy.

I tattoo according to the original Polynesian principle, which always includes trauma healing on the cellular level. This practice is also being passed on to you during the Workshop. There are a maximum of five participants on site per course.

Gyfu Blue
Gyfu Blue

You will practice on yourself under my supervision. If you don’t want to see your first tattoo for the rest of your life, there is the possibility to work with bloodlines during the Workshop; that means I can also teach you how to make proper handpoked tattoos without using ink.

It really takes a lot of patience and practice to handpoke lines as I do. I have over 15 years of experience in handpoke tattooing and have taught myself every bit of knowledge on my own. But if you take the time to practice and approach it with passion, you can get very, very far with the knowledge from this Workshop.

The cost is CHF 1’515.- and includes that I continue to coach you and your group via WhatsApp as long as you need it. That means you can start to grow this skillset while I’m available to guide you anytime.

If you are interested, you can buy your ticket below or in the Shop. The payment is due within seven days from purchase, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. You can also pay for this workshop in three installments of CHF 515.00 – just contact me via e-mail to make use of this option.

“Handpoke is slow, quiet and mindful. It creates wonderful, strengthening things (symbols) that the wearer always carries along. It is ancient knowledge that can tell more than words ever could. But it is also a technique which can be practiced in order to then be carried on and shared in your own unique language. For me, handpoke was and is much more than just putting a little ink into your skin. It is a kind of guide on the journey with and to yourself. From Dada I got everything I need: So all I want to say is a big THANK YOU 💜”
Pippi Loup, 38
“Dada’s How To Handpoke Tatu Workshop is an absolute blessing! 😍 Through her unique teaching skills she enables each participant to understand the basics of symbolism, the construction of the human skin, the anatomy of humans, the meaning of each body part and of course hygiene, which he needs to handpoke himself, superquickly and efficiently. But there is so much more one learns when learning from Dada; in these two days, Dada also brings you closer to yourself, because you have to be completely centered if you want to practice the magic she teaches. Thank you, Dada, for this wonderful present. I feel beyond blessed! 🙏🏻”
Rahel, 30
“I felt very comfortable in the group and found the course very exciting and enriching on various levels. The experiences that Dada passed on to us are of immense value and I felt very well informed and instructed. Thank you very much for this great course, dear Dada – I am very much looking forward to deepening and expanding what I have learned, and thank you for the perfect basis that you have created for that!”
Sara, 27
“The class was so amazing and instructive – I would never have thought that I can tattoo myself this perfectly after just two days of learning! I can really recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning how to handpoke tattoo himself. Thank you, dear Dada, for sharing your enormous wisdom with us!”
Remo, 32
“The class was amazing! Not only was it killer to learn how to handpoke tattoo myself, but also what is behind it, the history of tattooing as well as the deeper meaning of tattoos had me blown away. I have a way deeper and wider understanding of tattooing in total after this supercool workshop with Dada. It is such a cool experience to tattoo yourself, especially under the loving, caring supervision of Dada. She really taught us everything we need to know from A-Z in a relaxed, but focused vibe; the perfect mix. And to mention that, as well: The included meditations are a pure DREAM.”
Michèle, 27

Stay tuned, the Gnothi Seauton App is coming soon!