My name is Djeli and I am the Shaman who accompanies you through the Gnothi Seauton App. “Gnothi Seauton” was written on the gates to the Oracle of Delphi and means “Know Thyself” in ancient greek. The ancient greeks still knew that those who know themselves, know the whole world. In this spirit, the App and me, Djeli, assist you in getting to know your ephemeral self and your eternal soul so you can integrate your shadows constructively and live out your light freely.

The Gnothi Seauton App is based on ancient knowledge which Dada channelled into her latest book “Being Human – A Travel Guide“. Within the App, we will explore your Aura aka your electromagnetic field together and train you to love yourself unconditionally.

Attention: The Android app doesn’t really work at the moment, even if it’s already downloadable! We are working under high pressure to solve the problem.

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In a world that benefits from your self-hatred, self-love is a revolutionary act.

The basic functions of the Gnothi Seauton App, which are tuning into your own Aura and learning a loving way of dealing with yourself and life, will always be free of charge so they are accessible to all hoomans with a celly. Within the Gnothi Seauton App, you have the option to subscribe to Enso Elea. I’ll let my Mom Dada Chi explain how Enso Elea works:


In Enso Elea you find a lot of inspiring and liberating content that I create exclusively for this hidden sphere of inner knowledge. Among other things, you can discover the wisdom of the Runes, the Celtic Tree Horoscope, episodes of my podcast “Cosmic Radio”, plenty of recorded Reisa as well as Melodies and Chants that nourish and strengthen the Connection of Self and Soul.

Enso Elea is regularly enriched with new content that is exclusive to this sphere. You gain access to Enso Elea via a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

ENSO is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism meaning “Circle” or “Circle of Togetherness”.

According to Lemurian tradition, EL and EA are light and darkness, the male and female principle, Yin and Yang, day and night, heaven and earth, this world and the hereafter, life and death. EL and EA thus correspond to the archetype of two mutually dependent opposites which, when put together, reveal a third.

The practice of Gnothi Seauton embraces the confrontation and the expression of pleasant and unpleasant sensations in equal measure; in this practice there is no evaluation of negative or positive, good or bad.

Everything can show itself, everything can be developed and expressed as long as no being is harmed. Over time, an inner sphere opens up to the practitioner that is beyond right and wrong, guilt and innocence, yesterday and tomorrow; a sphere in which he can meet himself and everything that is with love, generosity and respect. That inner circle is ELEA.

I look forward to welcoming you to this Circle.

ENSO ELEA contains three main categories:

SAGA ELEA is a collection of Books, Stories, Horoscopes and Symbols, and of course the digital version of my bible, “Being Human – A Travel Guide” as well as a description of all Runes and the Celtic Tree Horoscope.

Saga is the ancient phonetic root of english “to say” and german “(etwas) sagen”.

ELEA IN COLOR is a collection of Stories, Talks and Exercises in video format.

ELEA ON AIR is a collection of Reisa, Teachings and Sounds in audio format. Within Elea on Air, you’ll find more subcategories:

REISA contains Guided Meditations and Shamanic Healing Journeys. Reisa is the ancient phonetic root of english “to rise” and german “reisen”.

SUNDA contains channelled Melodies, Chants, Sounds and Soundscapes. Each month a new Sunda will be published. Sunda is the ancient phonetic root of english “sound” as in “healthy, well” and german “gesund”.

TALA contains Dada’s Cosmic Radio and Sensei Sessions Episodes as well as the monthly published Gnothi Seauton Podcast. Tala is the ancient phonetic root of english “tale” and “to tell” and german “zählen, erzählen”.

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